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The lab is expanding!

We are seeking motivated graduate students as well as a lab manager/technician.

Graduate Positions

Are you interested in birds, genomics, evolution, the desert southwest, or the Neotropics? We are looking for motivated graduate students (Ph.D. or Master’s) to start Fall 2022. Potential projects include phylogenomics and diversification of suboscine birds, dispersal and population structure of bird communities in the borderland region, computational and comparative methods development, and other projects related at least loosely to the work done in the lab (see Research page). We are committed to supporting a diverse group of scientists, including poeple of color, students from underrepresented regions and first-generation students, LGBTQIA+ students, and others. We will support students in developing diverse research skills for careers in academia, industry, government, or nonprofit careers. El Paso is a fantastic place to live and work with dynamic culture and food, friendly people, mountains and desert right around the city, and access within a few hours to areas as diverse as southeastern Arizona, the mountains of New Mexico, Big Bend, and the Sierra Madre Occidental in Chihuahua. Students will be funded through a combination of Research Assistantships (RAs) and Teaching Assistantships (TAs). Candidates with a B.S. or M.S. in Biology or a related field and some previous experience with field, lab, or computational work are preferred. More information on the Dept. of Biological Sciences and its graduate programs are available at: www.utep.edu/science/eeb/ and www.utep.edu/science/biology/. Applications are due in January, but please reach out in advance if you are interested or want more information (mgharvey@utep.edu, see also website sidebar).


Mike Harvey (Principal Investigator)

Dr. Harvey is interested in the origins and maintenance of diversity at all taxonomic and geographic scales. He has been a birder most of his life, and fell in love with evolutionary biology in college. He also enjoys trail running, rock climbing, baking, and live music. See his CV for more info.


Oscar Johnson (Postdoctoral Fellow)

Oscar is coming to the lab as an NSF Postdoctoral Fellow. He will build off his doctoral research on phylogenetics and the biogeography of speciation to study the macroevolutionary dynamics of avian migration and its impact on diversity. See his website for more info.


Michael Buontempo (PhD Student)

Michael is pursuing doctoral research on the geographic variation and phylogeography of montane rattlesnakes in the Sierra Madre Occidental and Madrean Sky Islands of the desert southwest. He is co-advised with Dr. Phil Lavretsky.


Bonnie Raechal Beres (Undergraduate REU Student)

Bonnie Raechal is an undergraduate student from Saint Norbert College working in the lab for the summer of 2021 as part of the Chihuahuan Desert Biodiversity REU. She is studying comparative population genetic structure in Sky Island birds of the borderlands region.