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Field work is one of my passions. There are few feelings comparable to that of visiting a mountain range never before explored by ornithologists or floating down an Amazonian River surrounded by riotous diversity. Most of my effort on expeditions goes toward collecting museum specimens in order to maintain the natural history collections I rely on for my research. Aside from that, expeditions focus on improving taxonomic knowledge by searching for new or poorly known taxa, improving distributional knowledge by surveying poorly known regions, and adding to ecological and behavioral knowledge using standardized field observation and audio recording and by taking detailed data on specimens (see the Software/Data section for links to my field data).

The Neotropics

Since 2006, I have worked extensively in the Neotropics, focusing on exploring poorly known corners of the Amazon Basin.

A map of my research sites in the Neotropics. Museum collection localities are indicated with pointer icons, other sites with push pins.

Central Asia

I began working in central Asia, in Kyrgyzstan, in 2017. The distributions and natural histories of central Asian birds are surprisingly poorly known. I am seeking to fill these gaps while gathering material to conduct comparative population genetics analyses of forest birds distributed across the myriad mountain ranges in the region.

A map of my research sites in central Asia.